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I've used it a lot.� Did some mapping for Amtrak routes that my wife and I will do with APRSIS32 once this virus thing gets more under control.� Its good when you only need routes as defined by Google Maps.

Another one I have used was� I paid for the low range offering to support, but it's pluses were when you need to change from roads or documented pathways to say through a fence gate or using a foot path, you are able to change the tool that documents that and then you can output as a GPX with no hand editing the file.� Used for a number of bike and marathons here and again with APRSIS32. (No affiliation just the one I came across that worked for what I needed)

Cheers and 73,
Stan, KC7EHJ

On 7/13/2020 6:17 PM, Fred Hillhouse wrote:



It has been a while since I tried converting a Google Maps travel solution to GPX. I just tried it and had success. It has never been simpler!



Give it a shot!


Best regards,

Fred N7FMH

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