Re: How Do I Connect to an IC-9700 Through my PC?

Rob Giuliano

APRSIS32 does not directly create a "soundcard TNC" device to actually decode the tones from teh radio and turn them into packets.
You will need an intermediate computer application to handle that function.  Some options are: DireWolf, AGWpe, UZ7OH, or some of the multimode decoders will decode packet as well.

Assuming you run the soundcard TNC application on the same computer, these settings will allow that soundcard TNC data exchange with APRSIS32.

Robert Giuliano

On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 8:27:41 AM EDT, hl9gy.korea@... <hl9gy.korea@...> wrote:

I did a search in this group for "IC-9700" and got zero hits!  Anyway, I'm trying to connect to my IC-9700 through my PC sound card.  In Ports, I create a new AGW port, I select TCP/IP, I enter in the IP box, and 8000 in the Port box.  Then OK and accept.  Nothing.  Can anyone inform me or point me to an info source that guides me through setup with an IC-9700?  Not using GPS.

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