Re: Configure APRSIS32 for Kenwood TM-D710GA as Mobile

Charles Jessee

I’m just looking to switch from a Yaesu FTM-400 to a Kenwood TM-D7100GA and looking at the Wiki: “ How can you configure APRSISCE/32 to run in APRS mode without usurping control from the Kenwood TM-D710 radio? Well, you really can't if you expect APRSISCE/32 to ever transmit because on the first transmission, MYCALL will be set which changes the D710's identity until it's next TNC reset. However, if you avoid messaging from APRSISCE/32 (or even receiving a message to which an ack must be sent), the following might work for you.“

This seems to suggest that if one gives up major functionality APRSIS32 can work with a TM-710GA. What’s the upside for accepting this downside? If sure I’m missing something...


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