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Greg Depew

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From: James Ewen <ve6srv@...>
Date: 6/20/20 20:06 (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] Igates and their use of digi paths

A WIDE1-1 digipeater should be a located in an area where the main digipeaters can be heard and copied, but low powered handheld stations can’t get the attention of the main digipeater. A WIDE1-1 digipeater fills in and helps the low powered handheld stations get that first hop into the digipeater network. 

Agree wholeheartedly.

High powered (5 watts or more) mobile stations and fixed stations should never use an outgoing path of WIDE1-1. Digipeaters should be located at sites that provide advantageous coverage of the local area. A digipeater should NEVER EVER use WIDE1-1 as an outgoing path. If a digipeater is located such that it requires help from a home fill-in digipeater to be heard by the main digipeaters, it should shut down and removed from service. It is causing more congestion of the local network than it is helping. 

While true the nearest permanent digi near me is 30 miles away and a mobile can't hit it unless it's about 15 miles away. I can't even reliably get into any of the digis in the area with the home station. The network around here is almost non existent. My goal (which was solved with Lynn's advice of setting the gate to Wide1-1 to make the fill in pass the traffic back) was to use the fill in mobile in areas where I know the handheld can't get out. I used it in such a way tonight on our local lake using the handheld on the kayak to go back to mobile fill in and get back to the main digigate at my house. Successfully was able to send and receive messages to Wxbot and SMSGATE. 

If there are any other fill ins that my main digigate lights up I don't know where they are. Other than myself, theres only 2 other people running APRS in my county. One is using a deaf tracker and the other is in the process of getting a solar digi setup on his towns water tower which should increase the coverage to most of the southern part of the county. 

Unfortunately my local club has zero interest in APRS and when I approached our repeater guru about getting stuff on our main tower he shot me down with concerns of it desensing the repeater.  I would love to get high sites but not enough intrest has taken hold even after I held a presentation on it a couple years back. 

On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 10:44 AM Greg Depew <goatherder_4891@...> wrote:
Would it be better for me to change 4 to respond to Wide2-2 or have the 1 the igate put out Wide1-1 and maybe light up digis that are very far away? 

Sometimes I can get into a big digi in Ohio but I can't hear it back on anything but the -1, and I've seen my packets be delayed while they hop through the system on open days then get regated about a min later sometimes in Canada or a different place in Ohio. 

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From: Lynn Deffenbaugh <kj4erj@...>
Date: 6/19/20 19:48 (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] Igates and their use of digi paths

On 6/19/2020 6:38 PM, Greg Depew wrote:
Can you give a more complete description of what all is involved?

KB3KBR-11 is what station?  Software, TNC and radio please.

11 is a Yaesu Ft1d

Same for -4 (a WIDE1-1 digi) 

4 is a fill in digi , TinyTrak 4 with GPS and and FT 8800 in a go box programmed to only respond to Wide1-1 and it's own callsign 

Same for -1 (presumably a WIDE2 digi)

1 is APRSIS32 via sound card Signal link into an Ftm 350and is an igate and digi that responds to Wide1-1 and Wide2-2 

Same for the IGate and please include callsign-SSID with the other 3 pieces of the puzzle.

And some idea of who can copy who directly.  Can -1 copy the IGate directly or does the IGate need the boost from -4 to get to -1?  

1 is the igate, 4 is my mobile fill in that I'm using to get 11 back to the igate 

You've already mentioned that you can't hear -1 indoors, but only -4.  Can you copy the IGate indoors?  

When I'm at work inside our 911 center our grounding halo blocks just about everything. 4 is sitting in the truck in the parking lot and can hear 1 and 11. 11 can only hear 1 if it's out side and its iffy if 1 can hear 11 without either holding the antenna in the or more power.

If not, then can we assume the IGate is actually remote from your QTH, but -1 is local?

So, with that final line, it would seem that if you're IGate is using a WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 path, then -4 will copy it and repeat it locally so that -11 can copy the response at the 911 center.  Without the WIDE1-1, -4 won't digipeat and -11 won't copy it.

The big issue you have is that the -11 HT can't copy the IGate directly when at the 911 center, and apparently there's no bigger digipeater that will digipeat the IGate and be copied by the -11 HT.  No amount of pathing is going to solve an issue of a marginal receiver (the HT) at some distance from the IGate without strong coverage.

But a WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 path on the IGate should trigger the -4 digipeater to deliver a stronger packet to the HT.

Anyone have any better suggestion?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS.  An external antenna that you can connect to the HT inside the 911 center would likely also solve your issue.  Apparently the -4 has bigger ears than the HT or it wouldn't copy the IGate while sitting in the parking lot.


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