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Thanks a lot for the information, Robert. I had gone through all of the sections of the Wiki when I was setting up and a few times afterwards and I did see the part about the message notifier and having a notice if a message was waiting. I didn't find anything on the types of messages that would be received though or much about the Mic-E ones, so thinks for that info. I've now turned off the notifications since I don't do anything with them and don't see a need to communicate anything back.

I did configure Paths-Appearances during my setup, although I wasn't sure about some of the settings. I do have it set to show RF only and not internet as there are a lot of red lines when I have the Network Links box checked.

Thanks again for the info. So much to learn with this, that's for sure. I'll keep going back to the Wiki to see if I can dig out some of the answers to some of my other questions.


On 6/20/2020 8:08 AM, Rob Giuliano via wrote:
A good place to start on the features of APRSIS32 is the WIKI:
Welcome to APRSISCE/32 - APRSISCE/32 The future of Amateur Radio APRS

Welcome to APRSISCE/32 - APRSISCE/32 The future of Amateur Radio APRS

APRSISCE/32 The future of Amateur Radio APRS, The most fully featured
Windows APRS software available, Official ...


I did a search (top right corner box with "search this site") on the
WIKI with something as simple as "Circle" and will admit what came up
didn't show anything obvious. However, my next try was to search on
"Map circle" (because the circle was showing on the map). First Item
showed Map Prefetch and with verbage of " ... The yellow *circle* will
begin expanding ...". Click on it and you get more detail. I could
have used "Expanding circle".

Q1: yellow lines that shoot out from my position
These are typically RF path lines. They cross as different station
DIGI. You can be configured what is displayed in >Menu >Screen >Paths.
For more information, I again point to the WIKI.

Q2: MSG Boc What do, if anything, with these?
You don't need to do anything, unless you want to communicate with the
station sending. BUT to communicate, you have to type something and hit
<Send>. Just hitting <Send> won't do anything because there is nothing
to send.

Most of those message are coming in from stations sending with the Mic-E
format. The Mic-E protocol has "Status" as part of the message. The
APRS spec for APRS clients says that when a mess with certain status
(like Special or Emergency") is received, the client should have action
taken. I won't go into detail on status vs. action. In >Menu
>Configure >Mic-E Notifications you can configure what APRS-IS does
with these.

Robert Giuliano

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