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Rob Giuliano

I did a search (top right corner box with "search this site") on the WIKI with something as simple as "Circle" and will admit what came up didn't show anything obvious.  However, my next try was to search on "Map circle" (because the circle was showing on the map).  First Item showed Map Prefetch and with verbage of " ... The yellow circle will begin expanding ...".  Click on it and you get more detail.  I could have used "Expanding circle".

Q1: yellow lines that shoot out from my position
These are typically RF path lines.  They cross as different station DIGI.  You can be configured what is displayed in >Menu >Screen >Paths.
For more information, I again point to the WIKI. 

Q2: MSG Boc What do, if anything, with these?
You don't need to do anything, unless you want to communicate with the station sending.  BUT to communicate, you have to type something and hit <Send>.  Just hitting <Send> won't do anything because there is nothing to send.

Most of those message are coming in from stations sending with the Mic-E format.  The Mic-E protocol has "Status" as part of the message.  The APRS spec for APRS clients says that when a mess with certain status (like Special or Emergency") is received, the client should have action taken.  I won't go into detail on status vs. action.  In >Menu >Configure >Mic-E Notifications you can configure what APRS-IS does with these.

Robert Giuliano

On Saturday, June 20, 2020, 12:58:43 AM EDT, Mike Jordan <mjordan@...> wrote:

I've only been running APRSIS for a couple of weeks and really only been
doing packet starting just before that.  Some of the things are pretty
clear, some I've been able to figure out and a few I've made guesses
at... which leaves a bunch of stuff I'm still trying to figure out.
There is a lot of information about setting up APRS with various modems,
sound cards, TNC's, etc., but not a lot about actual day to day running
of the thing in any one place.

APRSIS was pretty easy to get set up and running along with Direwolf and
SoundModem, which I switch back and forth on because I think SoundModem
is cleaner but Direwolf seems to decode faster and provide more
information.  I had it up and receiving APRS information in just a
couple of days on my Icom IC-746Pro. I then switched it over to an older
Icom IC-V8000 I had sitting on the shelf so I could free up the
IC-746Pro. It's been running just fine for the last week on the IC-V8000.

Now that I've had a chance to watch it run for awhile and dig for
answers to some of my questions I have a few things I'm curious about.
I'm set up as a TX/RX IGate with one hop (wide2-1).

First question is about the yellow lines that shoot out from my position
icon and zig zag back and forth (something crossing back over itself)
all over the place.  I assume these are internet paths but I've read
(without any detail) that they are RF paths, yet I don't see anything
come into me over the radio.  What are these showing and why do they go
through so many other nodes? Sometimes they go way out and then angle
back to a closer node before ending. I haven't found anything in the
logs that I've looked in to tell me anything.

Second question is the messages that I'm receiving. Every hour to a
couple of times a day, I will get a message indicator in the MSG box.
They appear to be from a mobile radio in beacon mode.  One example is:

KE7VGF-15 <-> KJ4TX-10
06:14:23 New Chat Between KE7VGF-15 and KJ4TX-10 on 2020-06-17
20:07:41> Mic-E:KE7VGF-15 Transmitted Status(Special)
New Date 2020-06-19
12:38:41> Mic-E:KE7VGF-15 Transmitted Status(Special)

In the message box it has Ack and Best checked. I can change it from RF
to internet. There is the send button and a place to enter a message.

What do, if anything, with these? I have tried clicking Send with
nothing happening and Xing out of them. I assume I can enter a message
and send it back but I haven't done that.  Should I be doing anything
with these messages or just ignore them and close them after opening
them up?  I get them from about 7 or so stations through out the day.

It's been interesting, especially seeing all the different kinds of
symbols that show up. I'm not sure if I'm providing any benefit to my
area though. We have several big digipeaters and a number of IGates in
my area. Most are WinAPRS and D-Star nodes though. But the coverage
around the Portland, OR area is pretty good, and though I have both RF
and internet traffic of some kind going through me, I'm not sure if my
node is actually doing anything useful. It is giving me something to do
with my radios and all of the computers I have laying around though and
kept me off the streets. LOL!

Thanks for any help on these questions.


Hillsboro, Oregon
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