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That is a setting at the igate that is doing the reverse gating. I run APRX and it definitely has a setting for the # of hops for messages had such. You are at the mercy of the infrastructure around you. You would need to talk to the owner of the digi-1 and have them increase the number of hops on reverse igated messages.


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Is there a way for APRSIS32 to respond to messages through the same path as received? What I'm trying to do is get a message back from the internet through my fill in digi. 

I send a message to Wxbot from KB3KBR-11 and -4 digipeats it and then -1 digipeats it too. If I'm outside of the building I'm in i can hear -1 direct and get the message, if I'm inside I can't hear anything except -4. 

What I'm looking for is a way for -1 you send the message back through -4 so -11 can hear it. 
-4 is a fill in only responding to Wide1-1 and it's own callsign. 

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hi Arnold, Lynn got me all set with his reply. 

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