Igates and their use of digi paths

Justin Cherington

I’m trying to wrap my head around two way igates and if they generally use digi paths to increase their IS to RF ranges. In the SW we generally have igates in the cities/towns and wide area digi’s in the mountains. 

As a two way igate, if a station 80 miles away (easily just one hop) transmits a message and I gate it, how do I get the response back to that station when the recipient replies? In APRSIS32, I set the filter to let’s say 20 miles because that’s my direct range.  But that seems to be a disservice to the stations 80 miles away using digi’s, and I’m the closest igate to them. 

Am I missing something? I don’t want to increase qrm needlessly, but the hikers, hunters, and off roaders need love too. Thanks! 

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