Re: Kenwood D710A running APRSIS32 on Windows 10 tablet with serial to bluetooth adapter


I've been dealing with a somewhat similar problem.  I have a Microsoft Surface Go Windows 10 "tablet" in my new vehicle.  I finally found a way to "install" it so that it's visible for use and connected to my radios, but removable when not in use.  I didn't go the Bluetooth route although I considered it, but I'm not savvy enough to pull that off.  It only has ONE type-C USB port on it.  It also has a charging port for its somewhat proprietary charger configuration.  I wanted to be able to connect my D710A and a separate GPS receiver to the computer (I also have a Yaesu FTM-400XDR that's connected to it also).  I didn't really want to have to come up with a power source to connect to the charging port on the computer.  I discovered that the "new" computers like this can do all sorts of things via that USB port.  In particular, with the right USB hub, I can connect three USB devices AND an external power supply and it will communicate with all those devices and charge the computer's battery (full-blast, not a trickle charge) through that one single USB port ("USB Power Delivery").  Who knew?  I certainly didn't.  I still have to use a serial to USB adapter on the cable from the D710A, but all that extra stuff is hidden under the front seat.

So then the issue became how to get the computer in and out easily without wearing out the USB port.  I found a magnetically-coupled USB-C connector (right angle, no less) that simply uncouples the one and only connection when I want to remove the computer. (

There was one problem I had not counted on.  If I left the computer connected in the vehicle in my garage overnight, the computer's battery would be significantly depleted by the next day.  I discovered that the "turned-off" computer was powering the USB GPS receiver when the external power source was turned off.  Shutting off the computer with its default power settings would not shut off the power to the USB port.  An internet search had me check what the power button does in Windows 10.  It has to really shut it off and not just put it to sleep.  Now it really shuts everything off when I turn it off.

I know this doesn't directly address your problem, but I thought it might give you some alternative ideas...


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