Questions probably for Lynn

Arnold Harding - KQ6DI

Is there any way we can set
Stations.MinAge and Stations.MaxAge
other than by editing the .xml file?  Can you consider adding that possibly in Configure -> Screen?

In the Sounds for various events, you have several all defined to the same sound.
Inbound Message Received (for ME) - MB_ICONINFORMATION
Outbound Message Ack Received - MB_ICONINFORMATION
New Bulletin Received (if Enabled) - MB_ICONINFORMATION
MB_ICONINFORMATION - The sound specified as the Windows Asterisk sound.
It would be nice if "Inbound Message Received (for ME)" could be defined to be some different Windoz sound. 
As it is, I have "MB_ICONINFORMATION" playing " New Message" sound from APRS+SA.  It doesn't really make a difference what sound because whatever sound is for a new message plays and plays and plays with anything having to do with messages.  If you make "Inbound Message Received (for ME)" ANY other Windoz definition, then the user (me for example) can make that sound what I want.
This way you don't need to make any special sound handling other than changing the 'defined Windoz sound'. 

As it is, I send a message, and get a "Outbound Message Ack Received".  BING, Oh a new message...  Nope.  BING, Oh a new message, nope, a Buletin from Chile...

These would be nice changes in your "spare" time.

Thanks, Arnold, KQ6DI

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