Re: How to stop APRS-IS port from sending out beacons

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Look at your raw packets. The info page may only show information on the last received packet, not just posits.

But I do still see some posits with TCPIP in the path.  Are you sure you only have one instance running as W3KIT? 

You may also want to check "NoGate ME" on your RF port.  Otherwise if you copy a digipeat of your packet, it will gate it to the APRS-IS and the IGate may modify the path to TCPIP* since the packet source and the APRS-IS login match.  This is done so that others will realize that your station has APRS-IS access so they don't unnecessarilyl gate messages to RF when you can pick them up directly.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 5/24/2020 7:22 AM, Komkit Listisard via wrote:
Glenn, thanks for the info.

I just look at again, about 10 min ago.  Now is showing the RF path,  not often though.  Most of the time it will show TCPIP and yes, I did unchecked the beacon in APRS-IS port setting. ummm

I should be on the map.

Thanks, Kit W3KIT

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