How to stop APRS-IS port from sending out beacons

Komkit Listisard

Hi folks,
I have both RF and IS ports enabled.  I unchecked "Beacon" under APRS-IS port configuration. 

Most of the time when I checked the APRS.FI I noticed    "W3KIT>APWW11 via TCPIP*,qAC,T2MEXICO"   or something similar instead of RF digipeating path.

I was looking at the Soundmodem screen,  I did see the digipeater acknowledged my "RF beacon"  and did not collided with other packets,  but APRS.FI somehow is showing I am beaconing via TCPIP instead of RF.

Been reading,  I understand if I unchecked "Beacon" under APRS-IS port configuration, APRSIS32 would not reporting my position to the server over the TCPIP.

Is there another settings that I may have missed? Or some sort of a filter that I could use.

Thanks,  Kit W3KIT

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