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Oops, operator error.  I had a port on TCP that changed IP address, but I didn't notice since APRS-IS was enabled all appeared good except for that nagging Connect message...
All good, and closes fine.
Arnold, KQ6DI

On May 15, 2020 at 2:38 PM Lynn Deffenbaugh <kj4erj@...> wrote:

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On 5/15/2020 12:57 PM, Arnold Harding. - KQ6DI wrote:
Are all / any of these map changes going to break what I already have?  I have Thunder Landscape working fine, but it sounds like all of my map stuff is going to get scrambled.  Since I don't know what Meta/MB tiles are, it's a bit of a worry.

The plan is to continue to support file-system-based tile storage for the foreseeable future.  It's just really space-wise inefficient and hard to copy/move/share with others.  So you can rest easy knowing that I try not to be that short-sighted!


So if you could just give a simple explanation of what the Meta/MB file structure changes are going to destroy in my current tile file structure system, it would be nice.

That's a good idea.  I'll have to cobble up a Wiki explanation page once I figure out what the final look will be.  I'm hoping that all NEW Tile Sets will be created with MBTiles databases rather than file-system-based storage.  Only existing (and non-migrated, see e-mail about Migrate) Tile Sets will continue to use the individual tile files.


By the way, the 2020/05/14 10:48 version takes a lot longer to exit/close the program than anything previous.  I just timed closing the program at 11 seconds after I hit "Really close?  YES".  And that's after only having the program running for 15 seconds.

That is worrisome.  Do you have any *.dmz or *.dmp files showing up in the runtime directory?  It almost sounds like it's dumping itself during the exit.

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