Re: APRSIS Pass through GPS feed broken with Kenwood D710A

Rob Giuliano

I can't speak to the D710, but I have used GPS passthrough on a KISS port.
I dId not check the latest release, but with earlier May 2020 releases it was working.

If the D710 data is still "getting through", but the GPS data is not, I'd suggest:
   1. Enable logging for the D710 RF port <Menu> <Enables> <Logging> <port({D710})  (replace {D710} with your port name).
       You should see NMEA sentences within the log.  If you do, check APRSIS32 GPS viewing settings:
         a) GPS enabled checked in the Port setting box - yes double check
         b) <Menu> <Enables> <GPS Enabled>      When set you should see extra lines at the bottom and direction and speed - top left
         c) <Menu> <Configure> <Screen> <Speed Font Size> for speed above the APRS and port status.

   2. If no NMEA data is seen in the port log, try a terminal program (like TeraTerm). 
       If no GPS data is seen, then the D710 isn't sending.
       If you see GPS Data in a Terminal program, but not in the port log, then Lynn can help troubleshoot - beyond me!

Robert Giuliano

On Saturday, May 16, 2020, 8:35:18 AM EDT, Fred Hillhouse Jr (CruelShoes) <f.hillhouse.jr@...> wrote:

Reread your email. I still comparing settings is valid. I had trouble with Bluetooth adapters working most of the time rather than all the time. I found Bluetooth to be a frustrating endeavor. 

Fred N7FMH 

On Sat, May 16, 2020, 8:30 AM Fred Hillhouse Jr (CruelShoes) via <> wrote:
When passing data (of any type) through an RS232/USB adapter, the number one issue tends to be a change in COM port. Look at your port settings in APRSIS32 and compare with you device settings in Windows.

Fred N7FMH 

On Sat, May 16, 2020, 1:00 AM Anthony Mascola via <> wrote:
My GPS pass through broke also recently.  I used to see my position and speed continuously on the APRSIS32 display in my Jeep though it was not always reliable. I used to be able to uninstall APRSIS32 and it would run for a time.  Now it consistently does not work at all

Configured Port: D710 APRS port configured to serial cable COM Port and checking GPS.  It's no longer working
Transceiver: Kenwood D710A
GPS: K6VHF GPS attached to operation panel of D710A (note as above the D710A does not have a built in GPS.  Note you do not configure this GPS unit as an NMEA GPS port on the same COM port as the transceiver.  It is intended to pass through the data through the COM port combining the TNC controls and GPS positioning data
Serial connection to computer: RT systems serial to USB cable or US Converters Blutronium serial to bluetooth dongle - neither work to pass through GPS data anymore
Computer: Toshiba WT8-A32 Windows 10 tablet, Fujitsu T902 laptop- neither receive GPS passthrough data anymore, both did previously

Is anyone running a D710A with an attached GPS unit such as the Greenlight labs, K6VHF or other and able to get pass through GPS to APRSIS32 as before?  I can beacon and run APRS fine from the Kenwood showing my speed and GPS coordinates accurately and know GPS is working properly.  Somehow something has changed that does not allow APRSIS32 to see and pass through this information as before.  I have spent hours and hours trying to get this working again...

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