Re: Receiving using a Kenwood TH-D74 via Bluetooth

Fred Hillhouse Jr (CruelShoes)

Edit: get the radio running first WITHOUT any connections to other devices (e.g, laptop).

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First off, run the radio with any connections to start. It will encode/decode APRS packets by itself. If that is not working for you then it needs to be fixed first. Once you have it working, then solve the PC connections.


Here is a some things that work for me on my D72. It could be different from the D74 but it is a starting place.


I programmed location position 1 with my home location. At home I don’t need the GPS. It is handy when I wish to catch a satellite pass to not have to wait for the GPS to figure out where I am. Yeah, I have missed passes because of this. Rainy days slow acquisition.


Open the squelch to determine if other stations are active. During this pandemic there is less traffic. This is for your own ears so you know they exists. Once you know other stations are active, add enough squelch to silence the radio. The radio will not send a beacon if it thinks there is a signal. An open squelch keeps the radio from transmitting.


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You may be hearing back.   I usually just monitor traffic and watch friends being spotted on the map.   I am not sure that I am actually sending my location via the radio.  I need to verify that.  Too late to check tonight but I will tomorrow


On 5/4/2020 23:42 PM, Mike K5MRH wrote:

Thanks. I did have those set that way. I'm getting better reception now and it's all working, so that must have been my issue. Interesting, it seems to work the same whether I have the PCOUTPUT option the APRS menu set or not.
Mike K5MRH

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