Re: Receiving using a Kenwood TH-D74 via Bluetooth

Fred Hillhouse

This is my thoughts on the radio. Get it working before adding a connection to a phone/PC.

Frequency 144.390?

Tone/CTCSS/DCS clear of off?

Do you see APRS 12 on your display?

Do you see BCON on display? This is needed to beacon.

On my D72, the squelch must be closed to allow beaconing.


Fred N7FMH

PS. I have a D72 but they are similar.



From: [] On Behalf Of Mike K5MRH
Sent: Monday, May 04, 2020 8:21 PM
Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] Receiving using a Kenwood TH-D74 via Bluetooth


Of course as soon as I sent that, I realized that the radio isn't decoding the packets either, so I think I may just have a reception problem. Still if anyone has any tips or configuration suggestions for the TH-D74 when please pass them along.
Mike K5MRH

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