Re: Proposed General Release (Dev: 2020/05/01 21:21)

Rob Giuliano

You need to download the release version:

Actually looks like this was released as of May 1.

If you want the development version, all that is necessary is to edit the XML to use it.

Even with the latest release having just be so, the development version has a few feaures that are not fully implemented in the full release.  These typically are feaures that aren't fully vetted in their impact to the APRS system as a whole.  Certain settings can cause problems, so an added bit of caution is required. 

Robert Giuliano

On Monday, May 4, 2020, 7:16:20 PM EDT, Mike K5MRH <groupio@...> wrote:

I'm new to the group and I guess I picked a good time to join in. I can't find where to download the release candidate. Is it open for people to test, or are a limited number of people still testing for now?

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