Re: Earthquakes

Fred Hillhouse

It looks like Brandmeister are SharkRF are using /Q except for a couple of examples. So \Q is safe. J


You will have a few false positives. I did find a SharkRF looking like an earthquake. I think it was the only false positive of the SharkRF variety. There is a straggler using it for a home symbol.




If you use b/QUAKE* you might miss this one. However, at this time, I assume QUAKE-6 is also serving it.





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Add b/QUAKE* to your filter.


Fred N7FMH 

On Fri, May 1, 2020, 4:13 PM Al Massaro <almassaro1@...> wrote:

Lightning I have displaying (when we get it), earthquakes I am very interested. How? Where to find the setup info?

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