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Mark, KE6BB

Re:  “Note that you should NOT connect an IGate to firenet. “


My mind just isn’t what it used to be.  You just reminded me WHY I started running separate instances, one for Amateur Radio APRS, on standard APRS tier 2 servers, and a second instance for weather watching  on firenet.  You also get weather advisories AND warnings on firenet.


I set this all up in 2016, so I think I will copy parts of your message and put it in a file for future reference.  My mind just isn’t what it used to be, or did I mention that already.







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From: Lynn Deffenbaugh
Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2020 02:33 PM
Subject: [APRSISCE] Lightning data (was: Ready for Release?)


b/KJ4ERJ-15 will get you my flying satellites as will o/ISS*/PSAT* (the * is required as they have trailing spaces.  This should work on both APRS-IS and firenet.

b/KJ4ERJ-LS will get you the individual strikes as well as the strike zones as well o/LS-*/SZ-*.  If you only want the strike zones (a lot fewer objects, but nearly as informative), just use o/SZ-*.  This only works on firenet.  The KJ4ERJ-15 for lightning data is obsolete and should be ignored.

Note that you should NOT connect an IGate to firenet.  I've been told that firenet's 14580 ports are not internally flagged as "IGate" ports, so they will NOT remember what stations you've gated and therefore you will not receive messages addressed to those stations nor courtesy posits from the originators of those messages.

If I thought about it hard enough, I could probably come up with a combination of APRSIS32 instances to pull off gating nearby strikezone objects from the -IS to RF without actually using firenet as the IGate connection, but given their update frequency during a storm, I really don't think you'd ever want to actually do this.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 4/30/2020 4:52 PM, KE6BB via wrote:

Thanks for the reminder, Fred.  I had forgotten about Lynns lightning server.  I noticed that I had -b/KJ4ERJ-LS in my filters which I changed to b/KJ4ERJ-LS, and it works!  Now I remember that I used the “-“ to turn the filter off without having to take it clear out of the Configure menu.  That keeps it handy so I can turn lightning on or off without having to look it up.


I found an old message (#29727 dated 10/22/16 in that says to, “…specify a filter of b/KJ4ERJ-15 or o/LS*…”, but that may be old info.  I haven’t tried either of them recently:


Lynn does of great job of keeping me from hanging out in bars all night 😜.







From: Fred Hillhouse
Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2020 11:56 AM
Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] Ready for Release?


I do almost the same thing. I also display earthquakes and lightning!


Best regards,

Fred N7FMH


PS. Release it! It is ready!



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Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2020 9:16 PM
Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] Ready for Release?


Yes! I've had 2 instances running most of the day...One for "normal" APRS traffic (RF & IS), and a second one for NWS traffic on firenet for weather (tornado) watching.  No problems so far.


I love the program!  Thank you.





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From: Lynn Deffenbaugh <kj4erj@...>

Date: 4/29/20 5:38 PM (GMT-08:00)

Subject: [APRSISCE] Ready for Release?


So, according to the second ("Upgrades") telemetry graph for KJ4ERJ at, it appears that the upgrades are slowing down. So the $20,000
question is:  For those of you running the latest development release,
is it ready to be pushed out as the first General release since 2012?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32


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