JS8CAll/FT8 Log Scrapers (Dev 2020/04/26 22:23)

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Yes, you read the subject correctly.  There's a new development version of APRSIS32 on the web!  Just check About and it should be available for download, assuming that you're configured for the Development release (see PS).

So, what's new you ask?  Well, here's what I could determine I've done since the last release.

1) New support for JS8Call and FT8 log-scraping objects.  This is similar to the JT65 scraper that already existed.  Simply create new object of the appropriate type and point it to your ALL.TXT log file for the corresponding program.  Object will be created for any detected station for which a grid square is available. These are objects local to your instance only.

2) Better file detection logic for file-based objects.  This includes the new JS8Call and FT8 objects as well as the previous JT65 and weather station objects.

3) Support for "Hashes".  These are similar to !shriek!s, but are delimited by a single preceding #, as in #JS8 or #EVENT.  More details on this to follow at some later date.

4) Driving GPX overlays now supports multiple segments in a single file.

5) Messages are now gated from the APRS-IS to RF even if the source station has been copied inside a third-party packet.  It seems that some Direwolf gates are taking source messages and gating them to RF as third-party packets which was causing a receiving APRSIS32 IGate to no longer gate messages from that station since it was presumably already on RF.

6) Battery current telemetry is now transmitted in 10s of mA to keep the value in the valid range of 0..255.  Definitions were updated accordingly.

7) If too many stations were known, some popup menu items would select the wrong action.  This has been (hopefully) corrected.  I think the limit was something like > 30,000 known stations.

8) MBTiles database storage for map tiles is there, but not well documented nor exposed to the user at this point.  I've got more work to do here, especially on expiration and refresh so more to come.

9) Tile server URLs are no longer limited to 128 characters. They can now go up to 260 (MAX_PATH in C).

10) KISS (aka AX.25) callsigns are now limited to A..Z and 0..9. Invalid characters are simply removed from the transmitted callsign, so beware!

11) The ToCall was updated from APWW10 to APWW11 (finally!).

12) The recognized ToCalls and Mic-E type codes have been update per Bob's pages.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS.  So, your About box says that you're running the general release from 2012?  Follow the instructions at the following link to re-configure for development releases.


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