Igate verification

Yatharth Verma

Greetings..from India!

I have just started using APRSIS32 again after a hiatus of 2 years, therefore there is something which I need to seek help for.

First of all, about my installation:

1. Intel i5 CPU with 4 GB RAM
2. Windows 8.1 operating system
3. RTL-SDR radio dongle for RX with UZ&HO sound modem (working correctly)
4. Homebrewed QFH antenna

Now my problem:
I am receiving APRS CQ packets from an ISS pass correctly. I say correctly since it gets displayed on the sound modem screen (text pasted below):

1:Fm RS0ISS To CQ <UI R Pid=F0 Len=36> [16:12:53R] [+++]
>ARISS - International Space Station

This also reaches APRSIS32 in the log of the sound modem port:
Port(UZ7HO):2020-04-16T10:42:53.908 AGW:AX.25[0] RS0ISS>CQ:>ARISS - International Space Station

But I am unable to verify (rather I don't know how to verify), whether this packet is being Igated or not. Please help me find out this. And also whether it is reaching aprs.fi or not?

I shall be grateful for any help.

Best regards,

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