Using NWS County shapefiles for other packets

Fred Hillhouse



This is cross –posted to APRSSIG but the list appears to have been replaced by a forum. It is also on the Facebook APRS page.


Is there a mechanism to use the shapefiles that encompass counties for anything other than an NWS packet?

Here is an example that will display a FLOOD symbol inside two counties along with county outlines



After studying the details and documents for this packet (Thanks WE7U!), I am curious if other data could be displayed.


Is the packet type generic enough?

Can “NWS_ADVIS” be anything else?

I am not sure what determines the FLOOD symbol. Is it the product code of “FLS” or “FLOOD”?


A current scenario might be COVID-19 cases in a county, but that is only one example.


Just thinking about current world events and APRS.


I know the NWS is US based. Are other shapefiles available for counties, states, provinces, etc.?


I hope everyone is being careful and rides out this storm successfully!


Best regards,

Fred N7FMH


PS. The New York Times maps and data (free subscription for COVID-19)


PPS. Is the APRSSIG email list really replaced by a forum? L


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