Re: APRSIS shutting down

Anthony Mascola

That's great.  I'm still not able to get either version working consistently unfortunately.  The development version seems to lose my GPS position feed.  I have reverted back to the production version and have to restart it every hour or so as it crashes but I can restart it and it works for a little while.  I don't always realize when it crashes and sometimes have been driving for awhile and after I get home to review I notice that my position feeds to APRS terminate well before the trip did.  Somehow with my hardware or settings neither version is stable.  If I use the development version I can't track my position while mobile nor beacon my position as it still says "No Fix" despite my transceiver having the correct data and the same settings in the production version working.  Anybody have any ideas about why this is happening?  As before I am using a Blutronium serial to USB connection.  See prior email.

On Monday, March 9, 2020, 08:03:29 AM PDT, Wayne Morris <waynemia@...> wrote:

I frequently find that APRSIS has shut down when I go up to check on it. I have the PC on a UPS and the program autostarts if the pc reboots. I saw something in one post about running a development release. I set my system up about 6 months ago or so. If I need to look into running a development release or something, I will research that. I don't know why it is shutting down.
73's, Wayne, AC5V

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