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Mark, KE6BB

Kill shows up when in the pop-up menu that appears when you click on the station you want to kill.  It really says “Kill Station”.  I have used that in the past, but I **THINK** the station shows up again when it sends a new beacon.  You might want to test that because my memory isn’t what it used to be.  I believe it doesn’t care if the station came from RF or the IS.


I think what Arnold is asking for is something possibly like this:


A button on the VIEW>CHOOSER menu, possibly in the “Space 4 Rent” spot, that says something like “Don’t View”.  When clicked, it would open up a menu where station calls/SSID’s that the user DOESN’T want to show up on the screen could be listed, along with an “ENABLE” checkbox.  When enabled, that station/ssid would NOT show on the screen.  This is similar to the way you can screen what symbols you want to see or not using the VIEW menu.  It would not block other APRSIS32 functions such as IGATE and Digi.  It would not remove the station/ssid from internal APRSIS32 lists so that it could immediately be disabled and the stations would reappear.  That way the program would continue to maintain conformance to the APRS specification but be more flexible.  That would be a feature request, NOT a bug report.


Just my thoughts.  They are free, so take them for what they are worth.







From: Arnold Harding. - KQ6DI
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2020 11:08 AM
Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] Filters


Where is "Kill" ?  And does this work on received RF?  or just on IS feed?

Arnold, KQ6DI

On March 26, 2020 at 10:50 AM "Min via Groups.Io" <mins@...> wrote:

If I'm wrong don't shout. 


Does Kill not block a receiving a station ?



On 26 Mar 2020 17:26, Julian <iulianp@...> wrote:

Hi Arnold. You may be in luck, depending on how you're feeding the packets into APRSIS32. SoundModem for ex has a blocking feature in its ini file, just enter callsigns etc the in the appropriate field. Packets from those stns will be discarded before reaching APRSIS32.  RF blocking is considered unethical and the best solution is to liaison with the other party. It also depends on your initial/subsequent approach(es). Some people get easily offended. I am aware that in some cases a shrink may be needed and there is almost nothing you can do... Possibly sending an army of trained pigeons to target the offending antenna?.... He he.
73 and good luck de J.     M zero IPU, YO three FCA.




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