Re: Filters


Hi Min. No shouting - no worries! He he.
Hi agn Arnold.

For some unknown reason I was going more into digipeat blocking rather than showing or not stuff on the APRSIS32 screen. I don't know abt 'kill'. I have never used it. There are some features in APRSIS32 I have never used, sat, DFs etc. The manual states, "Kill Flag. Selecting this tick box, will send out a kill request and remove the object from all receiving stations maps". Object, hmm. Could be.

Arnold, 'kill', as far as I remember is on a Left or Right Click on an object etc. I haven't used APRSIS32 for few months now.

TNC in KISS won't block anything. It has to be a software modem which provides some sort of intelligence, SoundModem or DireWolf.

Pigeons. Roger on the GPS fact, however you've still got to teach them to dive into that antenna, at high speed! ;)

73 de J, M zero IPU/M, YO three FCA.

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