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Arnold Harding - KQ6DI

I always try nice, plus education, plus the understanding that I don't know the true goal of any APRS operator.  Maybe it's something being attempted that isn't obvious.  But (for example) when it's a simple programming error of a tracker, and the owner could care less, then it becomes a problem.  And it takes a while to exchange emails to fix the issue.  Fixing is the preferred method, but what if it happens "today"?
When someone has a home station, or simply forgets to turn off a tracker, and just happens to be next to a checkpoint that desired stations/trackers stop at, then everybody gets lost in the "noise" on the screen at that spot.  Shrieks work here, but only after ALL desired stations are entered.  So I may have 20 to enter into Shrieks, or one to block.  Pick the quicker...
Arnold, KQ6DI

On March 26, 2020 at 10:41 AM Justin Cherington <huntjlc@...> wrote:

I would agree a contact attempt should be made to nicely educate. Once that fails, I vote block. Especially if they are using one way trackers or not monitoring aprs. That’s the antithesis of the system and has a demonstrably negative impact on others. 


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