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Does Kill not block a receiving a station ?


On 26 Mar 2020 17:26, Julian <iulianp@...> wrote:

Hi Arnold. You may be in luck, depending on how you're feeding the packets into APRSIS32. SoundModem for ex has a blocking feature in its ini file, just enter callsigns etc the in the appropriate field. Packets from those stns will be discarded before reaching APRSIS32.  RF blocking is considered unethical and the best solution is to liaison with the other party. It also depends on your initial/subsequent approach(es). Some people get easily offended. I am aware that in some cases a shrink may be needed and there is almost nothing you can do... Possibly sending an army of trained pigeons to target the offending antenna?.... He he.
73 and good luck de J.     M zero IPU, YO three FCA.

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