Fun with filters (Really just some questions)

Justin Cherington

Ok, I have used filters in Direwolf but am trying it in aprsis32 for the first time.  I entered two -b filters for two calls signs that involve pilots just swamping the area almost daily with 30 second beacon rates and WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1 paths.  I entered them in the Configure>General>add filters box.  I wish to ignore these guys and not gate them in either direction.

I then surprisingly got a pop up box (attached) that showed what I entered but also what looks like a 9 mile range filter around my location.  We have mountain top digis here with 80 mile ranges, (I decode them 50+ miles away all day) so I want to make sure I am not neglecting to gate some packets needlessly.  Or does the m/9 filter mean something altogether different?  I did not enter that so I assume it is one of the auto filters.  Thanks!

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