Re: Two way igate not working.

andy robeson

I think you will find this is down to the FTM400. I believe that the radio is RX & TX for APRS, but if you want to pass to and from a pc it’s only radio to pc. Not pc to radio. 

Andy Robeson

On 18 Mar 2020, at 20:05, Justin Cherington via Groups.Io <huntjlc@...> wrote:

Hi everyone.  I am using an FTM400 radio connected to a Mobilinkd TNC3, which is communicating to APRSIS32 developer version on a windows 10 laptop via Bluetooth.  I have successfully ran this setup as a fill in digipeater and it works beautifully, as does using it as an rx igate.  For some reason it refuses to be a two way igate though.  I'll post some screenshots of everything that is setup but here it is in text format:  TNC3 port activated and working on all other ways, APRS-IS enabled, Internet enabled,RF to IS and IS to RF boxes checked.  I also have these checked under the TNC3 port options:  Enabled, Bulletin/Obj, Messages, Xmit Enable, Beacon, and Telemetry.  Me not 3rd is unchecked.

I am on our local UHF APRS 1200 frequency now as it is more quiet, but I have run the Digi log all day and there might be 1000+ RF to IS lines, but never a single IS to RF.  I have no filters setup by myself.  I also tried to send an sms message via smsgte, it made it to my cell since my gate is working as an RX one, but of course I never got the reply back on my HT via my FTM400 50 yards away because it wont TX.  And yes, aprs is setup and operates perfectly on my HT via other peoples igates when I am on the typical 144.39 frequency so I know it isn't a radio setting problem.

Any help would be fantastic!!! And thank you in advance.  Screen shots below:


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