Kenwood D710GA and APRS Ports question

KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...>

Lynn, back in a reply of yours:

You said if I wanted to try and DigiPeat from said D710, that I might try an APRS type port ... I assume, inside APRSIS32.

Or, have AGWPE-Pro make a port to the D710 ....presumably then, pass info via the TelNet port into APRIS32.

I have looked at the available Templates when creating a new-port in APRSIS32, but only see one with an APRS designation ... as seen in attached jpeg.

To refresh anyone's memory, this is what I see in the Digipeat log:

WinMain:2020-03-08T04:11:34.557 Digipeating KI7PLN-9 (WIDE1-1) via(WIDE1-1=WIDE1*)

WinMain:2020-03-08T04:11:34.557 Original(KI7PLN-9>DIBY5Z,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:`o`r"N>/`"6j}144.390MHz Ramblin'_))

WinMain:2020-03-08T04:11:34.558 Transmit(KI7PLN-9>DIBY5Z,KD7YZ-15*,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1:`o`r"N>/`"6j}144.390MHz Ramblin'_))

WinMain:2020-03-08T04:11:34.558 KWD710(APRS):DigiPeating Not Supported on KWD710(APRS) Protocol Ports


So the other alternative was to try and make AGWPE do it. And as far as I can see, AGWPE can ONLY work the D710 when the D710 is in Packet mode.

Perhaps I'm wrong on that one.

The myriad good links y'all have had me read have mentioned that one can let the D710 do all the APRS and just let APRSIS32 get input data from something like AGWPE.

Or one can have APRSIS32 do ALL the work.

So I let AGWPE read the COM port out of the D710's "other" channel, which I set on 145.825 ... to copy satellites.

I leave Ch-A on 144.390 to handle things as I learn them.

If I run UISS after/with AGWPE, IT can DigiPeat some things, and has.

There is a setting in the D710, UIDIGI, that I have "On".
I set "Aliases" to WIDE-1, WIDE2-1, WIDE2-2.

The logic of that came from reading dozens of PDF's and Wiki's, as I said, from y'all.

But I can't tell if UISS or the D710 is the cause of a DigiPeat .... thus I wanted to try and make APRSIS32 do all the work ... as it is MUCH smarter than I am.

thanks help

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