Re: Beacon Time-Only yields Time of (Time 0:00:00)

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Beaconing is a good thing because it lets other APRS users know that you're at least semi-interested.  And you have the perfect use for Time Only, fixed stations.  With Time Only checked, APRSIS32 will beacon at the configured Max Time rate.

You might want to set a comment on your station and uncheck Configure / Beacon / Why.  That latter is where the (Time 0:00:00) which is why the beacon was sent.  Why makes sense when you're debugging various Genius Beacon settings, but definitely not for a fixed station or Time Only configuration because it will always say the same thing.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 2/28/2020 6:32 AM, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
So, I have Genius-Beaco9ning set at 5/15 Mins and Time-Only Checked.
I have GPS Disabled since I am a fixed-location, Home.

However, when the beacon fires I see what's below.:

1:Fm KD7YZ-15 To APWW10 Via WIDE2-2 <UI pid=F0 Len=34 >[06:21:48]
=3829.65N/08300.99W-(Time 0:00:00)

I go back and forth, in this APRS learning curve, of allowing a beacon and not-allowing any form of beacon from either the program, or from the Kenwood D710.

Maybe it's moot point and I don't need a beacon in a rather unpopulated portion of the country. Well, OK, there is upstate Nevada, Wyoming ...hmmmm

GM and thanks for any replies.

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