Re: Operate aprs while listening to hf on another band is that possible?

R. Patrick Ryan

For your, and this group's information, my Kenwood TS-2000A Transceiver is always available and working on 144.390 MHz FM with its internal 1200 baud TNC operating with APRSIS32 on the right hand B or SUB side, while I use the left hand A side for HF SSB contacts.
One day, had to work HF split using the A/B function, and both the MAIN A and SUB B sides displayed the two HF frequencies, yet when the APRSIS32 program sent a beacon, the TS-2000 SUB B side momentarily displayed the VHF 144.390 as it transmitted, and then reverted back to the HF frequency display.
Just verified, in VFO mode, working VHF Split, A side 146.52, B side 146.55, and forced an APRSIS32 TRANSMIT. Same thing as above, the B side reverted to the memory APRS frequency for duration of transmit, then back to split transmit frequency of 146.55. Of course, being on same VHF band caused audio to drop out for a bit.
Amazing radio design. 73 de Pat KC6VVT

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