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If you use a terminal emulator, what is the prompt after entering each command manually?  That's what should follow the ! in your <Open/CloseCmd>s.  Test it on your TNC and you'll know what is correct regardless of what other people with other hardware and/or firmware might be telling you.

But those messages are not fatal, they only slow down the opening as it has to wait for the default 1 second timeout before going on.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 2/13/2020 9:55 PM, John Brent - VA7WPN wrote:
This is the output from the trace(port(10.147.30))

WinMain:2020-02-14T02:44:41.877 Starting Port(10.1473)
Port(10.1473):2020-02-14T02:44:41.877 CpReader Running on COM2:9600,N,8,1 (11 OpenCmds, 3 CloseCmds)
Port(10.1473):2020-02-14T02:44:41.877 Opening COM2:9600,N,8,1
Port(10.1473):2020-02-14T02:44:41.877 Opening COM2 with 4 Args
Port(10.1473):2020-02-14T02:44:41.878 Opened COM2:9600,N,8,1, Flushing 0 in TransmitQueue, Sending 11 OpenCmds
Port(10.1473):2020-02-14T02:44:45.534 Missed Expected Response(pac1:) From Command(PAC!pac1:)
Port(10.1473):2020-02-14T02:44:47.535 Missed Expected Response(pac1:) From Command(USER 0!pac1:)
Port(10.1473):2020-02-14T02:44:49.536 Missed Expected Response(pac1:) From Command(PRBOX 0!pac1:)
Port(10.1473):2020-02-14T02:44:51.537 Missed Expected Response(pac1:) From Command(BAUD R300!pac1:)

I belive it is looking for a pac1: responce but the PTC gives a pac:. A number of people have told me that the pac1: is correct. but I am doubting that.

thank you again,

John Brent

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