Rob Giuliano

I remember seeing something about waiting for cmd: and that it times out.
Can you post your open and close commands from the XML?
  The original ones you used that expected the cmd:, not the Simply(KISS) ones.
  I assume that is the response from the unit when in command mode?
  Couldn't find that in the manual, and I don't have one to check.
  If not, what do you see in HyperTerminal (or TeraTerm, etc.) when connected and you power up the unit and it is waiting for input?

From what i can find, I think something like this might work:

I release this will actually give 2 <Enter> commands (^013 and the one already provided), but I sometimes find this enusre the cmd: reply comes up.
That and setting QuietTime to 0 (at least for a day) and see if that provides any success.

The cmd: must match the response fromt he unit when waiting for input.

Robert Giuliano

On Saturday, February 8, 2020, 12:12:55 PM EST, Wolfgang Bieber <oh6dl@...> wrote:

Hello Robert,

thanks for your comments. The answer to all questions is YES, the test with Simply Kiss was done with same result. However, I have been connecting today the modem using APRSDROID via Bluetooth to work in RPR as a tracker. So I assume the recommended XML file for use with APRSIS32 is not compatible.

73´s, Wolfgang - OH6DL

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