Rob Giuliano

I am not familiar with the SCS TRXPTC.  Everything comes up Pactor.

However, my first question would be:
1. Is the modem capable of going into KISS mode?
   APRSIS32 expect the data coming in to be KISS

2. Second.  Is the modem capable of staying in KISS mode over power cycles?

3. Last, and most important, is the modem already in KISS mode?

A quick check would be to disable that port and create a new port on the same interface, except as Simply(KISS).
  This will send no commands and just start listening.

Also, you can set the Quiet to zero for testing.  If no data is received in the time set in QUIET, APRSIS32 will try and reset the modem.
If the radio frequency is not very active, ...

Robert Giuliano

On Friday, February 7, 2020, 7:35:36 AM EST, Wolfgang Bieber <oh6dl@...> wrote:

Hello John,

I do have a quite similar difficulty with SCS card modem "TRXPTC". My observation is, that the modem is waiting for a reply to several OPEN commands and then disconnecting. I checked the Log for the relevant port and found this:

Port(5.354):2020-02-07T11:57:50.354 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(QUIT!cmd:)
Port(5.354):2020-02-07T11:57:50.354 Terminating after 60496 msec vs 60000 Quiet

Maybe you check your log as well? Is it the same/similar message showing.

73,s Wolfgang OH6DL

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