Re: Where is "S8RY4Q" generated?

Randy Love

That's a Mic-E compressed packet. What you're seeing is part of the posit information. 

I don't have it readily available, but Google APRS Mic-E encoding and you should find the document. It's definitely part of the APRS spec document. 


On Fri, Jan 24, 2020, 8:01 AM KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...> wrote:
Somewhere in all the wonderful links I have bookmarked on my iPad, from y.all, I have lost where those APWWD10-Like, I guess,  "rig identifiers" , are generated.

I ask because, in the last few days, I am seeing this from a parallel Rx here via RTL/SDR on 144.390

2:Fm KD7YZ-15 To S8RY4Q Via WIDE2-2 <UI pid=F0 Len=6 >[07:53:26]  LTM 0

thanks for the help.

KD7YZ Bob EM88LL KWD D710GA ad stacked M2 2m Loops at 50' on a ridgeline, in Appalachian hinterlands

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