John Brent - VA7WPN

Good afternoon,

I am putting together an HF APRS station, or attempting to anyways. I am using a TS-2000 and SCS PTC-IIex as hardware. I am using APRSIS32 to control it all. But I am finding it not so easy to get it to work with my equipment. I will explain below.

A) When I set the baud rate to 300 baud, it saves but when I reopen the port configuration it is set to 1200 again. I can confirm this is the same in the XML file, even if I edit the XML to be 300 baud it will revert to 1200 again.
B) Editing the XML file, when I edit it as per instructions on the instructions on the Robust Packet website for HF APRS and APRSIS32... the PTC-IIex restarts, the LED's go off, and is non responsive. How ever if I dont edit anything, it sends packets... but not at 300 baud. APRSIS32 was off when I edited the XML file. 

Any ideas what is going on?

thanks a ton. 

PS : I have read other posts before I posted this one.

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