Re: Using Kantronics KPC3+ with APRSIS32



Perhaps you could enlighten the group about the issues with using a KPC-3 as a digipeater.  I am still plagued with "late" digipeats of my mobile APRS station that place me far away from where I actually am - as I understand the issue, they place me where I was several minutes ago because they delay the digipeat long enough (past the "dup-checking" time) that the system thinks it's a new location even though it's actually a former one.  As a result, I often see my track having "retrograde" motion - I move forward and then appear to jump miles backward.  It has no apparent effect on fixed stations because they don't move, but moving stations are affected drastically by this delay.

In APRSISCE/32, these late digipeats show up as a sort of ghost icon at a former location - sometimes many miles from the actual present location of the most recent beacon.

These late digipeats, ones that have been delayed in their forwarding after being received and "handled", often delayed by several minutes, always seem to be the result of a digipeater using a KPC-3(+) unit.  I have politely tried to point this out to the digipeater owners to no avail.  Since this affects APRS users in general, and APRSISCE/32 users in particular, and since there is already a discussion of KPC-3(+) units underway, this forum might be a place to address this matter.


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