Re: TOT resetting too soon

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Set the timer to zero if you don't want it.

It is very useful for the APRS-IS port because there is a certain failure mode in TCP/IP networking that can cause one end of a connection (say the APRSIS32 end) to believe the connection is alive but the other end thinks it is gone.  The connection can stay this way for a large number of minutes (remember that TCP/IP was designed to be self-healing and provides for routing packets around gaps in the network caused by nuclear elimination of major routing nodes), and sometimes the connection never realizes that it is all gone.  At least, until the confused end tries to send a packet over the connection.

In the case of mobile data networking this condition can happen when you go in and out of cellular data coverage.  And remember that APRSIS32 started as APRSISCE on Windows Mobile phones.

The Quiet Timer is also handy for some TNC/radio combinations that can drop out of KISS mode unexpectedly.  When that happens, packets quit coming through and the Quiet Time is counted.  When it is finally exceeded, the port is disabled and re-enabled causing the <Open/CloseCmd>s to be issued that will hopefully bring the port back into the proper state.  Consider Kenwood APRS radios and KISS (not Simply(KISS)) type ports when reading this.

It can be tricky to determine a suitable Quiet Timer for your APRS RF environment to avoid resetting the port unnecessarily, but that's the fun of the hobby.

But again, if you find it to be interfering with something, just set it to zero to disable it.

But I would like to know more details of your setup and what interference you are seeing!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 1/20/2020 4:49 PM, Christopher Rose wrote:
Lynn, why is the software using any timers that reset anything? Seems to interfere more than help

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I hate to say it, but none of that seems to apply to APRSIS32?

7.64 is not a version number of APRSIS32.  Versions are date and time stamps.

Not sure what a "Kenwood rept" is, and Port one?  Kenwoods typically call them A and B, don't they?

"RF on the input"?  The input of what?  Unless "rept" is an abbreviation for Repeater?

APRSIS32 has a "Quiet Time", but not a "Time Out Timer"?  Is that what you meant?

But the Quiet Time only serves to reset the connection to a TNC in the event that no packets are received within the specified time.

And AFAIK, the Quiet Time does not have any bugs.  If reception times out, it waits the full timeout again before resetting the port.  Unless, of course, a packet is received on that port in the meantime.

Of course, it might be that this message was supposed to be directed to a Kenwood radio support group instead of APRSISCE?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 1/20/2020 4:21 PM, ve7wat wrote:
We are running  ver 7.64 with a Kenwood rept on Port one ONLY.   Yesterday we encountered RF on the input that would not disappear.  the Time Out Timer (set for 300 sec) did its job and dropped the transmitter.
However even though the signal had not dropped the TOT was reset after about 10 sec (actually set for 15 sec & COS drop)and the transmitter was reactivated.  Any suggestions?

Fortunately we found the source of the RF and turned it off.


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