Re: Keeping .gpx and .pos upon closing-Solved


Set up a new beacon comment under Configure/Beacon/Comment and the check box remained on the new comment created after closing and restarting.  So it's saving the .XML config.

BUT, THE THOUGHT OCCURRED TO ME:  I was now inserting the .gpx and .pos files from a different directory than the APRSIS32 program directory.  So when I inserted them from the same directory, they stayed upon closing the program.  I presume that .XML config file only searches for them in the APRSIS32 program directory.  That's why it worked in the past and not recently. 

I don't know if there is a way to point to a different directory so the .XML file saves the configuration, but if not, no big deal now that I understand what happened.  It was just easier for me to work with the files and backup the files in a separate directory.

Thanks for getting me to do some thinking.


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