Re: Kenwood THD-7

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Yes, that should be correct.  I haven't personally tested the D7, but I suspect there are some out there using one with APRSIS32.

One key would be to connect the cabling to the radio and bring up a terminal emulator.  When you switch the radio's TNC between the various modes, you should see text coming through on the terminal emulator.  Once that is verified, close the terminal emulator, put the radio into Packet (or Packet96), and fire up APRSIS32 with a KISS (not Simply(KISS)) type port configured with the same serial port and baud rate that worked in the terminal emulator.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 1/6/2020 7:52 AM, Steve Bunting M0BPQ wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am looking to experiment with 9K6 APRS with a local friend of mine. As I have an unused Kenwood THD-7 this becomes the obvious choice for my (70cm) I-gate. (Im aware of its limitations - but this is a bit of no cost fun)

After reading old posts on the forum, it seems that "just" setting up a new KISS port in APRSIS32 should kick the radio into KISS mode (when it is in Packet mode not APRS mode). Is that still correct? If so I need to look more closely at the provided cables etc.

Any other tips on using the radio/TNC will be gratefully accepted.


Steve M0BPQ

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