Re: A Question about Digipeating


I guess I should moderate the “likelihood “ of putting it in my Farm P/U truck.
I wouldn’t say “never “..
Just that (A) no one cares where I am driving.
And (B) there are usually two working dogs in the compartment behind the driver/passenger seats where I removed the former full seats. They, fwiw, weigh 175#

They’re both curious as well as suspicious of things that don’t belong. I have had driver seats chewed to the springs when they needed to go see some threat. Some accidentally left ham gear has been marked, drugged thru mud and otherwise told to go away.

All I want to do is try to report and or work thru PSAT,S ISS and USNAP1

Since ur here. Are there any UHF APRS types of birds up there I can set my D710GA CH-B to and have meaningful packets magically appear?

Thanks for answering


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