Re: A Question about Digipeating


You’d mentioned this before. However I see it differently now that I have used the Com port output of my D710.

And here is a quote from there too:

By having APRSISCE/32 monitoring the COM port, it is possible to decode and display all of the information received by the TM-D710.

I never saw a way to have APRSIS32 see the D710 port directly.
So I connected my SignaLInk to the D710 data port.
SignaLInk outputs as an Rx/Tx Soundcard.

I had to use AGWPE to make a Port of the Soundcard type. As you already knew..

And THEN I had APRSIS32 make a Soundcard Port reading the AGWPE PORT.

Is this what the wiki page is alluding to? Have APRSIS32 grab the D710GA COM port through an intermediary program?

Because those few paragraphs led me to believe I must create an APRSIS32 Kenwood D710 APRS port.

Am I getting reduced functionality?

First of all, I can never seeing myself driving along anywhere whilst using my D710 in any vehicle.
Not what my initial intended purpose was.


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