A Question about Digipeating

KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...>

1:Fm N4PWH-10 To APDW15 Via KD7YZ-15,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1 <UI pid=F0 Len=57 >[08:40:46]
!3819.85NI08258.30W#RasPi I-Gate/Digipeater in Grayson KY [UISS/AGWPE]

( and I'd asked about this "not supported stuff earlier]

WinMain:2020-01-04T13:40:46.127 Digipeating N4PWH-10 (WIDE1-1) via(WIDE1-1=WIDE1*)
WinMain:2020-01-04T13:40:46.127 Original(N4PWH-10>APDW15,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:!3819.85NI08258.30W#RasPi I-Gate/Digipeater in Grayson KY)
WinMain:2020-01-04T13:40:46.127 Transmit(N4PWH-10>APDW15,KD7YZ-15*,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1:!3819.85NI08258.30W#RasPi I-Gate/Digipeater in Grayson KY)
WinMain:2020-01-04T13:40:46.127 KWD710(APRS):DigiPeating Not Supported on KWD710(APRS) Protocol Ports

The question is, why don't I see the next station that heard me DigiPeat N4PWH ?
I see a thick brownish line connection N4PWH and "ME" on the APRSIS32 map everytime he Beacons that message.
However I never see a line from "ME" to someone else who received my repeat of PWH.

There are actually two or three guys out here in Rural Appalachia, over 100 miles, on ridgelines like me, who DO include my call in their Beacon path. I have seen the brown lines and seen AGWPE-UISS Digipeat them.

I realise that technically, AGWPE->UISS caught the decode through the Signalink off the D710 Data-Port. And that UISS did the DigiPeat. So maybe no seeing I make in APRSIS32 or the D710 would make any difference.

But I thought I'd ask anyway. Any D710 users feel free to email me at mycall from ARRL. DOT argghhhh matey.

that should be obfuscated enough to belay the spam-bots, hi hi

Thanks es HNY

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