Re: How to make a new PORT that listens to a soundcard?

KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...>

And here's the proof. so to speak:

Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T15:36:33.512 Read 116 bytes after 5122726 msec (up from 14) vs 0 Quiet
Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T15:36:33.513 AGW:AX.25-rPort[0] VE3FFB>CQ,RS0ISS*,RS0ISS,SGATE,WIDE2-1:=4416.01N/

Ch-B of the D710 is set on 145.825
It is Port-1 on AGWPE ... the Signalink device to the Data port of the D710.

And then the APRSIS/32's iGate Trace-Log

WinMain:2019-12-28T15:36:33.513 RFtoIS:[AGWPE-TELNET ]IGated VE3FFB>CQ,RS0ISS*,RS0ISS,SGATE,WIDE2-1,qAR,KD7YZ-15:=4416.01N/
WinMain:2019-12-28T16:25:09.137 RFtoIS:[KWD710(Pkt)]IGated NU3S-7>APK102,KF8YK-2,WIDE1,K8UI-1,CHLSEA,KC8SDN-5*,WIDE3,qAR,KD7YZ-15:=4022.75N/08004.80W_163/002g005t041r p P000h98b10264KU2k


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