Re: How to make a new PORT that listens to a soundcard?


"So, if you have a single instance of AGWpe reading both your D710's audio
direct as well as the SDR, you're already receiving packets decoded from both

I "Think" I may be learning.

looking at the Trace Log for the AGWPE-TelNet, I have
WinMain:2019-12-28T14:11:10.632 Starting Port(AGWPE-TELNET )
Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T14:11:10.632 TcpReader Running on @localhost or localhost:8000 (0 OpenCmds, 0 CloseCmds)
Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T14:11:10.633 localhost[0] =
Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T14:11:10.633 Connecting(localhost[0/0]) or
Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T14:11:10.634 Connected(localhost)[0/0]=>
Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T14:11:10.634 Connected(localhost)[0/0] via <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T14:11:10.634 Firing NewConnection
Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T14:11:10.634 Back from NewConnection
Port(AGWPE-TELNET ):2019-12-28T14:11:10.648 AGW:Version 2017.105
WinMain:2019-12-28T14:15:20.804 Logging Enabled
About the 5th line down, there is the second port which covers my Port-2 in AGWPE, namely the RTL-SDR

thanks for the lesson!


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