RF Serial COM1 Port Parsing Error, KISS: Missing Leading CO[XX]


I have had ASPSIS32 working fine. Then I touched it. Started poking around, "Wonder what this does?" for a few hours and now it is broke. :|

APRSIS32 on Win 10
Open Tracker II in KISS Mode on COM1, 4800,N,1
APRSIS32 in Simply KISS mode, COM1, 4800,N,1 (Created port "Open Tracker II as Kiss port)
Scroller at ALL

Scroller is showing APRS-IS traffic fine. No local RF Traffic, no CALLSIGN*

Looking at the data from the TNC with TerraTerm, looks fine - as expected text with local RF stations and Digi hop info.

Logging the port I see a lot of:

Port(OpenTracker II) [Date and time info] KISS:Missing Leading CO[XX]...

Where XX data is changing, as an example: 50,62,51,53

and ... above shows the path information.

What did I click on that I should not have clicked on, what areas should I check? I looked at Wicki but did not see a path to success... :)

Thank You,

--Michael K5NOT

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