Re: How to make a new PORT that listens to a soundcard?


Been trying to get a handle on the suggestions from both you as well as Lynn ... for a few days and evenings now.

As far as needing or using AGW Monitor, as I see it, the paid version of Packet Engine Pro incorporates all that.
I see MHeard. And I see, on the far left column, Port ID 1 and 2 when I have only the D710 Data-Port output to SignaLink (is Port 2) and Port ID 1 is the other soundcard, RTL-->SDR-Console-->VAC-Line#1 .

So, if I understand Lynn's comment about:
"So, if you have a single instance of AGWpe reading both your D710's audio direct as well as the SDR, you're already receiving packets decoded from both channels."

Then I do NOT see how to create two different APRSIS/32 "AGW" type ports to allow me to see or read or (?) the packets from both "Packet Engine Pro" defined ports.

"Usually" I put the right-side D710 window (CH-B) on 145.825 and the Left CH-A on 144.390.

When I make an APRSIS/32 "Port" I make them in the style I "Think) Bob B wrote about ... or gee, maybe it was Lynn, .... make a KWD710-APRS and a KWD710(PKT) and enable one or the other for whatever I am doing.

I see no way in either Packet Engine Pro nor APRSIS/32 to re-designate KISS ports as Rob was describing.

Mainly that's what I have been try to do for a few days now ... before I opened my dumb moth to make the "Reply" here.

BTW, "Is" there a way to send small screen shots to a post to this BBS? Sometimes it is easier to attach the config window snapshot than try to describe it.

Anyway, I am not really trying to "compare" inputs as much as I am trying to collect them from two frequencies and 4 antennas ///// two SPID rotators and so forth.

By using "UISS" from ON6MU (Paid), which reads right off Packet-Engine-Pro, I am able to see the UI message "CQ" and thus a HI I am here AX.25 off,say, ISS ....UISS easily allows me to fire off a quick "I copy you" to "Mheard Call" "X" and thus make a fast QSO/Grid. I xmit thru UISS.

But I want the packets from the Sats to get into the system, so to speak ..IGated, if u will. Only the great APRSIS/32 can do such.
I guess if you can look at what ever traffic I manage to iGATE, then u will occasionally see I sent PSAT or ISS from Packet Engine Pro thru APRSIS/32 sometimes successfully.

I'll get a run of a few days where I get it all then later discover I have disconnected the PEP "Ports" from APRSIS/32 and have to reconstruct them all.

AGWPE (PEP) seems to like me to "Re-Start it every time I make a change.


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