Re: How to make a new PORT that listens to a soundcard?


On Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 09:03 AM, Lynn Deffenbaugh wrote:

So, if you ahve a single instance of AGWpe reading both your D710's
audio direct as well as the SDR, you're already receiving packets
decoded from both channels.
(?) by way of the "AGW" "Port" I'd configured in APRSIS/32 already?

The "problem" is that, IIRC, you're trying to compare antenna
performance.  APRSISCE/32 isn't doing to differentiate visibly which
packet was received from which AGW-internal port, so you won't be able
to tell which antenna/radio solution is working better.
Ah, i SEE. AGWPE captures an ISS packet off Port one , the Loop-Stack antennas feeding D710 Channel-B. However NOT rx'd simultaneously from the SDR ... feeds it TelNet'd to ur program ... I iGate it but have no clue if it came from Loops or small M2'd 2m/70cm yagi's on SPID ... albeit mounted MUCHO lower than the 50' high Loops on the ridgeline ....OK.

I will try the 2nd instance of ur pgm ... but I think I once was able to run UZ7HO soundmodem whilst running AGWPE and output to localhost & Port 8001 ... KENNO REMEMBER HOW i DID THAT, hi hi .

Will give ur initial idea of 2nd iteration of ur program ... after I go feed some livestock.

will report back later.

tnx help guys.


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