Re: How to make a new PORT that listens to a soundcard?


Season's greetings Lynn, Rob, Jack:

I am using AGWPE (Paid), called "Packet Engine Pro".
In AGWPE (PEP) I set up a single TNC from "SoundCard".
This Device is the Data-Port-Cable going from the D710 Data-port to the SignaLink soundcard device.
I find that the data Port, "however" I have the D710 configured, is actually reading Ch-B ...
I have a screenshot showing the Sound-Control-Panel and this device ...many green bars when I open the Squelch knob on the right-hand channel.

However, I see no way on this web interface to add a jpeg. And I think I already said I stopped email delivery due to many many missing posts after I ask a "Q" on this board via email. Now just the Web Interface.

So, AGWPE also is read by UISS. I wsee the Sat Traffic from the Ch-B side.

In APRSIS32, I setup an AGW Port to see TelNet --- localhost Port 8000" from AGWPE .... which I assume is exporting the Data-Cable (D710) data, which I know to be Ch-B st at 145.825.

Now to th heart of my question:

I use SDR-Console Version-3. Feeding in to that is one of my RTL's.
Output of that SDR-Console "Radio" is to Virtual-Audio-Cable Line-1 .... which is also listed in the Soundcard-App from Dev-Man.

But how would that AGWPE Port-2 get to APRSIS32?

"localhost" is already in use. It "IS" logical that AGWPE could Rx on Port One from Data-Port of D710 Ch-B on 145.825 and "whatever I set SDR-Console to would also at this time be 145.825 on a SPID rotator, would also be sending data through AGWPE TelNet on port 8000 ...

And ?

Since there is only ONE setting in AGWPE (PEP) where I can set a port (8000 in the default case, how do I pipe output from a second AGWPE port to APRSIS32?

Maybe run a UZ7HO standalone soundmodem into localhost port 7999 or 8001, or ?

would liked to have added some "settings" specific screenshots to this. However I am still an uneducated newbie and can't figure how to do it.


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